Chapter 3 begins with a description of Jack and closes with a description of Simon.  Compare and contrast the presentation of each of these characters in this chapter and how each relates to the central theme of the novel. Provide a quote and page number from the novel for each character to support your explanations.


12/20/2012 9:49am

Jack is a very violent , and is obsessed with killing animals. Especially with killing the wild pig. For example on page 48 when it is describing him hunting it says, "....and opened his eyes. They were bright blue, eyes that in this frustration seemed bolting and nearly mad." Simon on the other hand is very nice and seems more in tune with nature, he sees more of the beauty of the island. at the end of the chapter on page 57 when Simon is out in the woods. it says "Holding his breath he cocked a critical ear at the sounds of the island." It is as if he can hear things no one else does. They are the same because they both do want to escape the island. They seem to be working hard to do what is best for everyone. For example Simon is helping build huts with Ralph since Piggy has asthma and can't help . Jack is doing his part by hunding for the group. He is hoping to provide food.


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